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    Feb 16, 2016
    Weird thing happen this am. Not sure if problem. I was giving treats to the chickens when I of my isa reds shot out a perfect egg with no shell. Part of the shell was still hanging out. I watched for a while as she struggled to get out .Finally I held her and pulled the little piece of shell out . I felt her cecum (?) and could feel egg shells busted up. Is this going to be a problem or will she pass them ?
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    Welcome to BYC. That can be a common occurrence especially in new layers or older hens. Was the egg burst inside her? If so that can be a setup for later infectious problems such as egg yolk peritonitis. Make sure that she is getting enough free choice calcium in the form of crushed egg shells or oyster shell, and eating layer feed which has more calcium. My hens readily eat the egg shells crushed small, but don't always eat the other. You could be feeling gizzard contents and grit in her abdomen, but maybe not. I would put on a disposable glove, and poke a finger inside 1 inch or so to feel for any egg shells or a suck egg. Some chickens have reproductive problems of internal laying, egg peritonitis, and salpingitis. If she is a new layer, then I would not worry too much.
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    my chickens would lay a no shell egg sometimes. I'd give them more calcium in there diet, never really caused Andy issues in mine.

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