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    Jun 29, 2015
    We have 8 chickens - 4 are chicks, born on May 1 - 3 Ameracaunas and one buff orpington - and 4 which are just under two years (Xmas 2014 chicks).

    Of the older 4, the rhode island red is a faithful daily producer. One of the two wyandottes lays every other day. The other one, since going broody in the spring and hatching the chicks, has been a light producer. Since molting about 2 mos ago, the brown leghorn, usually productive, hasnt laid an egg.

    Overall, we are averaging 1-2 a day - more often 1 - vs 3-4 last year ?

    For the newcomers, the buff orpington oddly laid an egg about 3-4 weeks ago, in wk 21-22, none since. Nothing from the Americaunas yet.

    My understanding is the Ameracauna's should start later, but as we are now in week 25, would expect any day.

    Curious if anyone has insights on why the buff orpington hasnt continued after the first egg, and if the Americaunas are on schedule or late. Also, any explanations, suggestions with the what's going on with the 1 1/2 year olds? They all seem healthy, although the molting process took a toll, color still has not fully returned to comb. Thanks!

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    I think the shortening days are playing a big factor. Many peeps who do it scientifically offer 14 hours of light. They usually supplement with electric light in the morning, and chickens go to sleep at dusk. There are a few threads that I was reading about the egg slacking subject. Chickeny Chick even has an expert reviewing that subject. I don't have the link handy at this moment, but there is much info here on BYC. Mine have totally gone on strike in the last 2 weeks.

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