Egg quality in egg laying breeds

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Nov 12, 2009
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After years of having chickens, mostly dual purpose birds, and then giving the meat birds a try, and after a major wreck last year in my laying flock, I was in a do over situation.

This time, I decided to go with egg laying breeds, (not dual purpose), and I have to say, that these eggs got larger faster, when they started laying, and really beautiful thick whites. My niece lives close by, and raised up some mutts - and they started laying, but the eggs are much smaller, even yet, and the whites not quite as nice. These girls are laying consistently too, day after day.

I know that limits their life length, but I like getting new chicks. I think I will be happy with this egg laying flock of these breeds, and then a side of meats every so often. Even if you want dual purpose birds, and there are several of those breeds, which I really do like, it is worthwhile to have a few of these birds in the flock. You really get better eggs.

I think I will be happy with this egg laying flock of these breeds, and then a side of meats every so often.
Mrs K
I have Heritage Rhode Reds for the main part of my flock. Also have some barred rock hens. Hatching the barred rock eggs with my RIR rooster gives me black sex links. They are great birds, lay well and their eggs get to be large sized. If you want to keep meat birds and egg layers you might want to give them a try. I also got some white rock pullets last spring and this spring I hope to try raising some red sex links with them and my rooster.
I never wanted Leghorns, due to prejudices from my youth... then when I had to make a 25 chick hatchery order and to fill up the cart (most of what I wanted was sold out), I had to put in 5 Leghorns.

Wow... those 5 chicks sold me.

I now have heritage Leghorns, not hatchery production, but they still lay like Champs. The heritage eggs are smaller than the production eggs. But the heritage hens have zero egg production issues and are long lived, highly productive their entire life, and just generally awesome.

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