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    One of my hens has been laying for the past month now but will sometimes go days without laying. As far as I can tell, its only one of my hens that is actually laying because until 3 days ago, I've only been finding a single brown egg a day, but one time I found 3 in one day. I have 6 black sex link hens, 1 barred rock, 3 easter eggers, and 2 chantecler hens. The chantecler hens havent started laying yet, and I dont expect them to for another month or so as they're only about 17 weeks or so. One of my easter eggers started laying 3 days ago, the first egg was light blue almost white, but they've gotten darker each time she lays. Another easter egger started laying today, the egg was pinkish (made me giggle). I collected a brown egg yesterday evening, but it was the first one in over a week that I had found.

    Why does the brown-layer stop producing for days on end? They're eating a mixture of layer and grower (because some havent started laying yet) and are all in excellent health, I change the bedding at least once a week and do a thorough cleaning of the actual chicken yard once every 8 days or so. They get fresh water daily and the nest boxes are clean as well. They are also allowed to eat whatever bug, worm, or spider they find and I give them hay on occasion and they eat whatever's in there as well. They're healthy as can be and I just dont get it. I think that the brown-layer is experienced enough to have gotten into the groove but Idk, it just seems weird to me.

    My rooster is a purebred americauna (Idk if this makes a difference or not).
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    Hens don't need a rooster to lay eggs. My first hens 1 Red Star, 2 EEs, 1 Buff Orpington, and 1 SIlver laced wyandotte layed eggs at different intervals, my Red Star Sugar would lay eggs every day while the EEs every other day. Every chicken is different my buff orpington would sometimes lay once a week or 3 a week.[​IMG]

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