Egg saftey

i am not a food scientist so you probably should not do ANYTHING i suggest.
that said, here is what i've learned to do to determine if eggs are "fresh" enough to eat.

1. select a suitable bowl, a largish one, preferably glass.
2. get distracted by the box of cheerios looming on top of the fridge. pour yourself far to much cereal. drench with soy milk and sugar. scurry into the living room and spend 45 min. watching junk television.
3. after a few moments of cheerio-binge/trash T.V. remorse return to kitchen (or wherever it is you happen to store your large glass bowls). wash bowl.
4. fill glass bowl with clean water.
5. place eggs into bowl one at a time. observe egg's behavior. does it sink to the bottom and sit, balanced on it's middle, like a good, well behaved egg? eggggggellent! this is a fresh egg.
6. OR is your egg rebelliously trying to float back up to the surface? hmmmm. how severe is the misbehavior? an egg that is still resting on the bottom with one end gently listing toward the top is, probably, still fresh-ish. HOWEVER, if your egg is defiantly standing with one end pointing straight up towards the water's surface or thereabouts it is a good idea to refrain from putting it into your pie-hole.
7. if your egg floats at the top of the water's surface step away from the egg slowly and from another room call the egg police immediately - what you have on your hands is nothing less than what ovum-probation officers commonly call, "a bad egg."
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That is hilarious. Have you ever considered a career in writing? I would have just said, "Do a float test." I like your way much better.

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