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  1. m&tgrevel

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    Jul 7, 2010
    We are new to the chicken raising thing and just started getting eggs. My daughter ate the first 2 we got and said that they were the best eggs she had ever had and that she didn't want me to buy them from the store anymore (she's 4!). Today my FIL was preparing her some eggs and thought they smelled funny and refused to let her eat them. I thought that the first one's I cooked smelled a little funny, compared to what I have eaten all of my life, but figured that it was because they were fresh. Now that my FIL is worried, I'm getting paranoid! Do fresh eggs smell different than store bought? My daughter ate them and thought they were wonderful. I wouldn't say that the smell was bad, just definately a distinctly different smell... Also- how long do you keep the eggs? I've had some in the fridge for a week...
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    I don't know about the smell. I haven't eaten a store bought egg in many years. The eggs will last over a month in the fridge.
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    when we first got chickens and they started laying, dh noticed it too. He said they smelled like "manure" lol. Anyway, needless to say, its been over 3 years and we're still eating the eggs. I think you just have to get used to them, they do smell a little different.
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    Not sure about the smell since my sense of smell isn't the greatest but I did notice an odd taste in a few. I didn't like it and I thought I'd be in a world of hurt with all the eggs we would eventually be getting. The taste was oddly sweet and would linger throughout the day. After a few days I realized that they tasted of melon. I had really been overdoing the melon treats. Since I stopped, the melon taste is gone. Maybe there is a treat that you have been giving them that's coming through in the smell.

    Perhaps it is as Mothersin2ition said and you need to get used to it. These are sure alot better for you than storebought eggs.
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    I dunno - I'd always had an aversion to the smell of raw eggs. There's something about them that has always nauseated me, even when I rinse out a bowl where I've cracked eggs. Even when just bought from the store. Consequently, I didn't even like to EAT eggs. When we got our own eggs, the first thing I noticed was that that underlying smell was non-existent. None. Whatsoever. Not there. I rejoiced! (No smell of manure, either, happy to say.) I actually like the taste of our eggs.

    I would also look at what you're feeding the girls. Do they get treats? Are they eating something odd in the yard? Certain foods will affect the taste of your eggs - a lot of garlic or onion in their diet, for instance - so there are some treats you might want to avoid. My dad raised chickens for awhile, and used to feed them a lot of stale doughnuts from a local doughnut shop, and swore his eggs were sweeter because of that - but he liked them that way. My poor babies are forced to eat things yucky like kale and tomatoes and yogurt. [​IMG]

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