Egg shell color


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I thought the actual egg shell came in either white or the blue/green shades and brown was a overlay color on the outside. Cracking open some eggs to cook last night I noticed that the one pinkish tan egg I get looked odd to me. It looks the same color on the inside under the membrane as it does on the outside. I didn't think this was possible. So I'm thinking fluke so I dig through for the other three eggs I have from that bird and crack them open to check the inside color and they are the same. What the heck is going on with that?
There ARE other factors going on with the white/blue calcuim. The shell can be tinted all the way through, but usually it is slight.

The blue/white explination is the simplest for folks to understand. Genetics still hurt my brain pan. If you want a REALLY great explination, PM Sonoran Silkies. Her genetic knowlege will make your brain go squish.

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