Egg shells in your broth?


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Feb 23, 2009
Henry, TN
Sounds weird but I was browsing yet another health site and saw a recipe for bone broth(good for your bones) and it was suggested to put clean washed egg shells in while boiling and then strain them out. Am planning to make and pressure can my first chicken both today and wanted feed back on this idea. The whole day is reserved for this as I am a newbie to pressure canning. Any thoughts, advice?


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Jul 19, 2008
Silverlake/Mill Creek, WA
Think it might be similar to what my grandmother used to tell me...

that when making chicken soup, you roast the chicken. Then you bone the chicken. Take the bones and put them into water to cook, but then you add 1-3 tbsp of vinegar to the water. It leaches the calcium from the bones and puts it into the stock. I have always added a little vinegar to the water cos of that.

Now, mind you, I never checked into how much calcium ends up in the water cos of this but it sure makes a great stock! All thick and gelatiny...yum! And the very slight taste of vinegar makes the soup taste great! Dont know how to describe it....but its good

So I can see why they would say to put eggshells in...probably to leach calcium into the stock. Makes it healthier!

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