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Jan 10, 2009
one of my chickens layed an egg in the middle of the run and the egg was perfect apart from the shell which had the consistancy of a balloon with what looked like a small tube on one end. I dont know which chicken it was but on of my ladies is looking like she is not well. She wont eat much and is really lethargic I dont know what to do
We need more info to help! Pictures are good...
Are you feeding any kind of calcium back to your girls, like oyster shell or their own eggs ground up? Sometimes it's normal to have a skip in the cycle of egg making and pop out a "jelly egg". Mine do it when they are stressed by something.
Thank you for replying i was beginning to think that there was something really wrong. i have been giving them commercial shell grit but i will start giving them their own ground up. Would stress cause one of the girls to be lethargic and off her food. She also wont leave on of the other chickens side even to the point of going in the nest box with her Bit of a tight squeeze ha
She'll need a good source of calcium. I don't trust egg shells completely.

She'll need it today before she starts to lay another egg. Some people use a tums tablet crushed in a pinch. I like that and/or yogurt with calcium and vitamin D. Calcium alone is useless - there must be a good source and balance of vitamin D and the phosphorus in the diet (mostly from grains) must not be excessive. All the oyster shell and egg shells in the world won't work without those two ingredients.

we might need to tweak that for her - it's a good thing that egg came out tho!

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