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I've bought eggs and shipped eggs myself, but I'm still not sure the BEST (safest) way to ship. I like how bubble wrap protects the eggs in shipping, but there is a question of breath-ability. Anybody ever test hatch some eggs (that you didn't ship to remove that variable) after packing in bubble wrap to see if it affects the hatch rate? What other means do you folks out there use? Of course I want my eggs to arrive unbroken, but I also want them to hatch or getting there intact is pointless.
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I was going to ship some eggs in bubble wrap- and since I post on Mondays- and work- I was wrapping them on Sunday night. I changed my mind and put them all back into a carton the next morning and found some eggs had a small amount of moisture on them.
Not sure why...condensation or from the egg itself- But it made my think twice about using little bubble bags again. But in the past when I have posted them..They have always arrived safely whereas some eggs in the cartons occasionally are broken.
I do have one of those eggs that was wrapped in the incubator at the moment...just one as the reason I swapped form the bags to the carton was the extra eggs laid on the Monday morning- I ended up with an extra for the customer- so it went in the bator with the ones I set for myself. Its about 2 weeks in now and looking ok... But 1 egg isnt much of a test.
I still like eggs wrapped in bubble wrap the best - they tend to arrive intact and have less detached air cells. I've never bubbled wrapped my own eggs for a few days and tried to incubate them, but that would be a neat experiment on hatchability.
I really like to receive eggs that are wrapped in bubble wrap. I've never tested it on unshipped eggs, but I've had great results on shipped eggs. Here's a recent example for you. I just finished up a hatch of a dozen eggs this weekend. The packing was superb. Each egg individually wrapped in bubble wrap, inside a box, inside a styrofoam cooler inside a box. Lots of packing materials stuffed in. I had 10 of 12 hatch. You can't get much better than that!

The one time I received eggs that were not bubble wrapped, I had 3 broken eggs in the carton.
Hi! I've shipped eggs to myself (testing) and once had a box of eggs 'returned to sender' (me) and after 7 days of travelling 'bubble-wrapped' they were all good. No moisture or anything that would effect viability.
You can see how I wrap and pack in the link below.
Good luck!

We have a system for wrapping eggs for shipping.

First of all the box that you use. We only use standard size boxes from the USPS either the #7 or the medium flat rate. I think a standard size box goes thru the system better.

2 layers of large size bubble wrap on the bottom, a layer of stryofoam peanuts, each egg is wrapped in a 12 inch square piece of small bubble wrap, peanuts between the eggs and the side of the box. layer of peanuts over the 2 layers of large bubble wrap over that.

I've always used bubble wrap myself with great success, but a lady I recently ordered eggs from said it wouldn't breathe and would thus ruin the eggs. Of course, three of the seven eggs she sent were broken by the time they arrived. I thought she was wrong, but of course, eggs being porous and needing to breathe does sound reasonable, so it made me question my methods. Since then I have talked to a number of people who have said that they never found it affected their hatch rate. Thanks to everyone for their input!
I hate it, hate it, hate it! I've recieved so many broken eggs that were wrapped in bubble that I don't even want to think about it. Maybe they just don't put enough bubble around them or something but I haven't been impressed so far. Most of the damage is from egg to egg contact. A couple of thin layers of bubble between the eggs just don't cut it.

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