egg size and blood on it a problem?

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  1. Big_EGG

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    Jun 24, 2011
    I posted this previously in a genral forum, and didnt realise this one existed.
    I am new to this chook stuff and would papreciate any feedback.

    I have four ISA BROWN hens, and they have been laying now for a month...well most of them there appears to be one slacker!

    We normally get three eggs a day atm, but every now and then we get a big dinosaur egg and one other regular egg. This has happened twice now. The big eggs are 85g and yeaterday the egg was 86grams.
    The first time we had a big egg we all crossed our legs and thought "ouch!"........ but thought it was a one off. However the egg yesterday was even bigger and even had blood on it.....which is making me really concerned.
    Our regular size eggs are 67-69grams.
    Can anyone tell me how or if the size of eggs is influenced by things like diet? ( they have been breaking into my worm farm and feasting, and I thought perhaps the high protein could increase the egg size?)
    Are free range eggs normally bigger?
    And should I be worried about the blood on the egg, and be getting treatment for my chook if there is blood on an egg of this size?
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    Jul 10, 2010
    Stonington, illinois
    when chickens start laying you will get a wide variety of eggs extra large extra small sometimes even a soft shell egg. All normal while their system works out the kinks of egg making. Once in awhile you will get a little blood on one. Thats normal. Whats not is if its alot of blood or happens all the time. When mine first starting laying I got one as small as a robins egg and got double yolkers quite frequently for awhile. Some have even got triple yolkers or eggs within an egg( I have never had either of those) First time I had a soft shelled egg it scared me to death. I thought on no what is the matter with her. Then came on here and found its pretty normal and give more oyster shell. Now I have a rabbit feeder mounted in my coop with oyster shell in it at all times so they can get what they need.
  3. Niss

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    Apr 29, 2011
    Thanks for the question! I am also very new, but let me say I have had eggs with a small shmeer of blood and I don't worry. I did have one hen shortly after I got her (at 2 yrs) that had a bloody looking egg hole and lived--I was initally worried though! She was free ranging and I thought maybe something took a chomp out of her butt.

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