Egg Size Question


11 Years
Oct 28, 2008
I believe it is my Salmon Favoerelle that lays normally a smaller egg but lately I have been getting these tiny little eggs.. one not too much larger than a robin's egg. She has in the past week produced these tiny eggs that are so cute I am carefully blowing out the contents and keeping the shells.. there has been no change in diet and she is just now one year old. I have noticed from this batch of varied hens I got last year at this time from a hatchery they are all producing inconsistent sized eggs. The egg sizes vary slightly day to day.. now several years ago I had a RIR and a Barred Rock hen that consistently laid jumbo brown eggs without any difference for several years.. what gives?

Poulets De Cajun

11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
Houston MetroMess, Texas
Have they just come out of a molt, or being broody. Sometimes after a break in laying, it takes a week or so before the eggs return to normal.

My second thought was if they are possibly calcium deficient. Are they getting a balanced diet with the proper amounts of calcium?

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