Egg Size Standards??

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    How do you decide which eggs are what size?? (other than just eyeballing them) is there a scale that is used (I plan to sell some and don't want to claim a size and find that I misled someone) I tried searching for the topic and just got a ton of posts for general eggs size questions (like when do hens lay different sized eggs etc.)
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    I had to look it up....can't remember numbers anymore....dang...
    This info is from Wikipedia...US standards and european standards:

    Chicken egg sizes

    Chicken eggs are graded by size, for the purpose of sales. The United States Department of Agriculture sizing is based by weight per dozen. The most common US size of chicken egg is 'Large' and is the egg size commonly referred to for recipes. The following egg masses have been calculated on the basis of the USDA sizing:

    Modern Sizes (USA) Size Mass per egg Cooking Yield (Volume)[1]
    Jumbo Greater than 2.5 oz. or 71 g
    Very Large or Extra-Large (XL) Greater than 2.25 oz. or 64 g 56 mL (4 tbsp)
    Large (L) Greater than 2 oz. or 57 g 46 mL (3.25 tbsp)
    Medium (M) Greater than 1.75 oz. or 50 g 43 mL (3 tbsp)
    Small (S) Greater than 1.5 oz. or 43 g
    Peewee Greater than 1.25 oz. or 35 g

    In Europe, modern egg sizes are defined as follows:

    Modern Sizes (Europe) Size Mass per egg
    Very Large 73 g and over
    Large 63-73 g
    Medium 53-63 g
    Small 53 g and under

    Hope that helps:)
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    thekla - another senior moment...forgot the other part of the info....
    I think you can buy eggscales/aides on sites like McMurray if I remember correctly. Or you could just use a scale, I guess - I have one of those digital doohickie thingies that measure even small amounts and to it in metric and US
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    Quote:thanks - I had the feeling that it had to do with weight...just didn't know where to look for the details.

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