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Apr 30, 2019
I have a mixed flock of 8 girls. My ISA just went through a month + broody cycle and I thought I was going to lose her. Finally took bringing her into the house and A/C for 4 days to finally break it. Needless to say I have been very attentive to my girls since. There is only one of my girls that I don't know her breed & this is the one I am concerned with now. The last egg I got from her was on 8/4 & I have been catching her "sitting" more often than not. This is the egg I got today. Should I be concerned?


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Which egg are you concerned about?

Edit: I bet it’s the big one. Don’t worry about it. You just got a big ole double yolker! Make some scrambled eggs and enjoy! :drool
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She looks like a brown leghorn. Either of those eggs aren’t necessarily something to be concerned about. If it’s the large one, she just had a double yolker or bigger than average egg. If it’s the small one, that happens too.

Sometimes birds systems just take a break and then they can spit out a weird egg because it’s getting back into gear. She might have not been laying for multiple reasons such as heat, molting, broodiness, etc.
The smaller of the 2 was the issue I'm afraid to crack it open it doesn't smell like it's bad. I'm assuming it's a poof or fart egg as they call them maybe it just doesn't have a yoke The normal egg weighs 1.8 oz the smaller egg weighs .6 oz so it's considerably smaller.
I've had the chickens for just over a year and a 1/2 although I've lost a couple my first ones in the beginning to predators, some of these girls are a little newer. I haven't had any issues with the exception of that stint of long term broodiness with my Isa I've done as much research as I can hopefully when we start our Homestead and I have roosters and have fertilized eggs I won't have to worry quite so much about this broodiness issue. Of course with my luck they probably won't go broody at that point.

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