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May 29, 2011
I know i've seen this on here several weeks back but now that my girls are laying, i can't find it...

Does anyone have a chart on the weights a small, medium, large, and x-large eggs weigh (in grams)? or a link to a website that has it? Thanks in advance!


you could want to know and more about weight and grading...see page six for the weight chart. Weight is per dozen. Minimum egg weight to be included is in the last column - divide by 12 to get min. individual egg weight that can be included in that catergory as part of a dozen.

For example, a dozen Jumbo eggs must weight at least 30 oz, which is 2.5 oz per egg, or ~70.9 grams. Minimum size for an egg to be included as a Jumbo egg is 29 oz for a dozen, which is 2.417 oz, or ~68.5 grams.

Hijack - look at all the stuff included just to grade eggs...someone in the gov't had to think this up and write it, review it, publish it, train it, enforce it, etc. No wonder gov't is so big....think how many other things this applies to!
Awesome, thanks! I have 3 Red Star Pullets, 2 that just started laying @ 21 weeks...still waiting for the 3rd to produce. I have a friend that has Red Stars too...she said hers started laying @ 16 weeks.
It's not like I'm anticipating......but my chicks are 6+ weeks old, soooooooo it's possible I could see eggs as soon as Nov. 7!
I'm not really counting or anything, just saying.
16, 15, 14, 13.....................
Ok...amendment to my earlier post today...all 3 girls are laying now (starting all in this same week-21 weeks old)...So Proud of my little Gems (Garnet, Ruby, and Topaz)! Had my first scrambled eggs compliments from my much better and richer tasting than store-bought!


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