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Sep 1, 2011
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Hi all

We have two hens (laying for about a month now) and a rooster...

Of course as I have read around the forum our first eggs were rather tiny but have gotten bigger by the day, then all of a sudden one day one of the hens laid a massive egg, poor little girl it must have hurt like hell..... anyway it was at least double the size and then after than all back to normal again....

Any ideas why or what bought on this large egg, I have posted a picture so you can see her normal size egg with the large one.


Hi Heather

I have no idea what causes them, but I see that happen from time to time. I always check the vent of the hen I suspect has laid it for copious amounts of blood, but they are always fine.
One of my hens laid a massive egg today. They've been laying for about 10 months now. When they started I used to get tiny eggs then HUGE eggs, then normal sized eggs with the odd seriously big/tiny one occasionally.
I get some JUMBO eggs once in a while. I'll get a hen who's cycle gets out of whack, and she'll drop 1 or 2 enormous eggs within a week, then go back to normal. They are fun to crack! I've always wanted to hardboil a double yolker to see what it would look like on the inside.

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