Egg Skelter - Pearl Color, Full Size


10 Years
Sep 24, 2010
New Orleans, LA
I showed this to my husband before Christmas, and as a surprise Christmas gift, he ordered one for me from England. And as a surprise for him, I had also ordered one! Now, I've decided to keep my home-grown eggs in the refrigerator, so I have 2 of these for sale.

They are both the pearl color, full size version. You can see more of the egg-skelter at

it now price is for 1 Egg Skelter. Payment by money order or paypal only. Thanks for looking!

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Sebrightmom, the price is for one Egg Skelter. I edited the listing to say this. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

There have been several posts about the Egg Skelter. Those who keep their eggs unrefrigerated just love them. They are very decorative & pleasing on the kitchen counter top.
The price for both of them would be an even $100.00. Would you like to pay be paypal or money order? I can email you with the details.

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