Egg song!!


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Apr 11, 2010
Finally! I have heard it a couple of, the coop. Didn't know if it was my oldest gal..28 weeks now!, or, if it was an Australorp. Well, it's my older gal, she was just standing there telling the world all about it..what ever "it" is. I'm sure she's wondering.

And, her face has been blushing back and forth from a dark pink to a real red..and now today, has been mostly red the whole time I've watched her.
Oh my goodness, I think it's really going to happen. When I heard her, I ran out side to check the nest boxes, then under the coop, then under the hutch, but not yet..but I'm thinking soon!
I'm so hoping it won't be another week, but within the next few days.
The first egg is the sweetest! Hopefully you'll get one soon.

Ours laid their first few eggs in the compost, and we didn't even know they had started laying

Sometimes the egg song can get very LOUD, which is fiine if your chickens are legal. But for those of us on the downlow, it can be a little stressful...
A few of my chickens have been laying pullet eggs for a while but the other day I had one chicken singing the egg song for about an hour. When she finally left the coop I had to go see what it was. It was her first full size egg. You would have thought someone was choking her.

Sometimes the egg song is not a very pleasant sound. I personally love to hear it. Luckily I don't have any neighbors to complain.
Yes, sometimes finding that first egg is hard for those that have their chickens out all of the time. Mine are in a nice coop and reasons. But still..last flock, I found a first egg on the side of the coop where I don't normally go..and there was another chicken picking at it! Thank goodness, the picking didn't keep up. And, the chicken that laid the egg..started using the next boxes, I know because they all used the boxes once started.
Come on little lady, give me an egg..tomorrow??
That's funny...
she was letting the whole world know that she did it right...a nice big egg..can't wait. Right now...I love hearing the song..that's telling me..soon..hopefully!

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