egg song!

Frost Homestead

8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Lago Vista, TX
I've got 2 of my mid-age EE pullets and one of my EE hens outside all singing the egg song in unison! I just put in 3 more nest boxes yesterday, I've only been getting on egg a day from one of my 28 wk olds while the older hens molt and the younger pullets reach POL. I'm so happy to hear that egg song again!
yesss! One egg so far from Wattle, one of my 1+ yr old EE who hasn't laid since before she molted in Oct! nice big green egg, bigger than my EE pullet! extra cracked corn for her
my EE pullet Lord Humungus is in one of the nesting boxes right now! YAY!!
yay! lord humungus' first egg! gonna go take a pic. she laid it in the yard
right after she left the nest box. I picked it up & put it back in there, I know she knows where to lay it but I think she just got up prematurely.

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