Egg stealing crows!


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
Any ideas for keeping the crows out of my nesting boxes? They ate three eggs yesterday
(wished I had picked them up ten minutes earlier when I saw them!), and I caught one trying today. I thought it was a snake, as there was no trace - but apparently I was wrong. Do the owl decoys really work? They are coming in when my gate is open for the girls to free range. Otherwise, the bird netting keeps them out. Thanks in advance for your input.
A kid with a .22 or a good pellet gun will cut down on crows. $1-5 per crow might seem steep at first, but after they get a few, you won't have to worry about many crows. They avoid our property like the plague. When they land on the trees bordering our property, bad news for them.
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They have found a free food source and being as smart as they are, they will not stop on their own accord.

Either figure out how to protect the eggs, or the crows must go.
Sigh...I guess I kind of knew that, but was hoping there was some secret magic solution. I wondered why so many had suddenly decided they liked our property. lol Guess my first experience with crows will be quite a learning experience in the end.
If you ever kill a crow or two, it seems the others get "educated" real fast, and tend to avoid the area. When I go a while without shooting one, they eventually get to where they will light in the trees around. Then I shoot a couple, and they stay away for a while.
This sound terrible and I don't know if it works (maybe someone can try it and let me know) but a farmer and his son who live down the road from me noticed the number of crows I had in my back trees. They said that if you kill on crow and attach it to a tree or hang it up the other crows will avoid your property like the plague. If someone tries it let me know if it works or not.

I like the crows because they chase the hawks away and at least warn the chickens. I've had a few loses because of the hawk and would like to hang him up but don't want to go to jail. We have all kinds of moles and voles running around in short grass on the fields. I wish he would make them his dinner instead of my chickens.

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