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    Being new to this, I have had tons of questions and this forum is a wonderful resource for info but I do have a few more questions:
    I have heard that it is difficult to hard boil a fresh egg? Something to do with the air pocket? If true, are there any tips out there?
    Also, how long can eggs be stored after retrieving them from the coop?
    Thank you soo much for all the info you have provided - I just ordered my chicks today from the local feed store - 4 Rhode Island Reds and 4 Buff Orpingtons, coming Monday - Can't wait!!![​IMG]
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    The problem with fresh eggs is that they don`t peel well. The egg wants to stick to the shell. I always just boil the oldest eggs. I have stored eggs several months as long as they didn`t sit out inthe heat too long they are OK. "They say" they store even longer if they are not fertilized.
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    Thanks JenJScott! Is it better to let them age for a few days? Week? OR nothing beats a FRESH egg!
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    we eat them as the come, same day sometimes within hours of them being laid. nothing beats a fresh egg!!!

    also, if they are still warm when i bring them in i like to wait until they cool before washing them. remember to wash your eggs before eating them, now [​IMG] just rinse them off and if you have lotsa gunky stuff (poop) you can use a scrubber to get that off. just put them in a carton in the fridge or on the counter. personally i leave mine in the fridge, but some folks like to leave them on the counter.

    if you are going to have a rooster and going wanting to hatch some eggs don't wash them. just collect the eggs as they are and put them in a carton pointy end down at room temp until your ready to put them in the incubator. don't incubate poopy eggs though, use the cleanest ones you can gather.

    and [​IMG] from Dillingham Alaska!
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    Well I keep mine in the fridge for weeks at a time.. I saw a product on that you rubbed on the eggs that sealed them. Once sealed they stayed fresh without refridgeration for 1 YEAR![​IMG]
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    Thanks for the tips. Can't wait to get the little chickies now - coming Monday, if I am at the store early enough!

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