Egg stuck or broody?

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    I have a hen who is a very good layer, laying daily for as long as I have had her. Starting yesterday she has been in the same nest box. Today I moved her and none of the eggs she was laying on were hers. I removed the eggs and returned an hour later and she's back in the nest box. I'm thinking there's an egg stuck-- if so, what do I do to help her?
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    It sound to me like she is broody. Try putting an egg in front of her while she is in the nest box--broody hens will usually tuck the egg beneath their body. If she is broody, she may also puff herself up and "growl" at you when you stick your hand beneath her. Another thing to try is take her out and place her on the floor. At least in my experience, broody hens remain in a laying down position for several minutes after being disturbed from the nest, just staring ahead and pretending they're still in a nest box. Also, what breed of chicken is your hen?

    To check if she is egg bound, lubricate a finger with Vaseline or another lubricant. Stick it into her vent and feel around. If you feel something hard, then that is most likely a stuck egg.

    If you really think she is egg bound, this is what you should do: First, soak her for 15-30 minutes in 90-95 degree F. water. This will help relax her muscles, and help the egg be laid. After the soaking, dry her the best you can with a towel and let her rest in a secluded place away from other chickens. Perhaps give her some calcium (in the form of oyster shell, ground egg shell, or human calcium supplements), as that will strengthen her egg-laying muscles. You can also lubricate the inside of her vent with Vaseline, oil, or another lubricant.
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    She sounds broody. Is she on the nest at night? Does she puff up at you when you check under her?

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