Egg stuck?


Jun 6, 2020
I have a 1.5 year old Australorp. She docile, big and the queen of our flock. She’s struggling with something but not sure what is going on.
Her appetite has decreased and no eggs. She reliably lays 4-5 eggs a week. She can still poop and she did this morning.
I’m inexperienced. Only 2 years of owning them. Someone suggested I take her to vet but that’s hRd to do right now with so much strain on finances with COVID.
I’ve given her warm baths which she seems to appreciate but it’s been at least 3 days of struggling.
Her crop last night was also very large but loose.
Any ideas? The vet here said she can come in but she will spend all day in a facility that is stressful and not sure what to do!!

Her name is Queenie.


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Aug 2, 2020
Northern New England
Hi!! In my time as a chicken mama, I’ve only had one experience similar to what you’re describing: sour crop. Unfortunately, my hen was only a baby and wasn’t laying eggs yet (3 months), so I’m not sure how it would have affected her as a laying hen. She also had the full, loose crop. She was lethargic, and a loose, yellow liquid started coming out of her beak in her final days. She wasn’t eating or drinking either. How is her crop looking/feeling now? Poop and eggs come out of the same place so I’d assume she isn’t egg bound because you’d think that an egg would block up poop too. I was sent a link to info on sour crop when I posted on here about my hen, so I’ll send that to you to see if it helps. Unfortunately the info came a bit too late for me.

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