Egg switch, lets see what happens!


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Dec 3, 2017
So, we went away and while we were gone our lone duck Howard, who is a female chocolate Indian runner made a huge nest since we didn't pick her eggs up. She was getting pretty broody, so I ordered fertilized eggs and two days later when they arrived I switched them out. She seems to be a good little duck mom so far. Only getting up a few times a day. We have a kiddy pool right next to her duck house and feed her daily there with some scratch/meal worm mix. She free ranges as well, but only in real short spurts. I got 2 black runner, 2 chocolate runner, 3 blue runner, 1 harlequin, 1 blue Swedish, 2 black swedish. I will keep this updated as things progress. This coming week we are going to candle them. They are due to hatch around April 5th.
Well, I candled the eggs, looks like I should have 7 fertile ones.. then about 5 days ago we were down to 10 eggs in her nest.. yesterday 9... not sure where they are going?! She can't exactly roll them out of her duck house, there is a large lip.. there is no sign of broken egg inside (it was suggested that she ate it, but I'd think I'd see some signs?) a little early for her to tell if they were not fertile... they are not due to hatch until the 5th.. so we will see..
She is still being a very good mother and not getting up off her nest other than a few short times a day.

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