Egg Thief!

so lucky

9 Years
Jan 31, 2011
SE Missouri
This evening as I was doing my chicken duties I checked the nests for eggs and found three; a brown, a dark brown and a blue. I took them inside and rather than go up the stairs from the basement, I laid them in the corner of one of the lowest steps, carpeted and nice and cushy, planning to grab them on one of my many trips up and down. I remember thinking I hadn't done that since we got our dog, when we had our last batch of chickens 4 years ago.
A couple hours later when I came in for the night, I started to grab the eggs and saw that the blue one was missing! Thinking that my DH was playing a trick on me, I accused him of taking the blue egg. He said he hadn't, and did I mean the blue egg that was at the top of the stairs?
There it was on the edge of the stair, sitting on hard wood at the corner, just about in the same position the other eggs were, at the bottom. The only thing we could figure was that our dog, Penny, had taken it and brought it upstairs in her mouth, and placed it carefully in the corner! No cracks, no slobbers. Just a blue egg on a wood floor. Weird. I asked her about it and she looked guilty.

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