egg thief


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
west virginia
Well, I got it down to when they lay, so today I went out and sure enough, eggs, gathered them up (not alot but) I was met at the door by a hen and roo, she looked right at the eggs I was holding and jumped up and looked in the nest and made a funny noise, to which the rooster responded, kinda low slow sqwak, and they both looked at me, directly at me, like I was a traitor or something...I'm serious! They caught me robbing the nest....I quickly grabbed a handful of chow and tapped the bowl and they were both distracted (of course I hid the eggs under my shirt) and sat there until I was sure their memory was erased, but I swear...they knew
Chickens are really smart, you know
Oh, they know, alright...some care, some don't...yours, aparently, KNOW! Lucky for you that they are easily distracted with erasable memories!
That is so true!!!Because this hen and roo have paired off - and he actually clucks and makes a nest....hahaha..on my poarch, which I keep moving her to the nesting box, and he keeps trying to hide in her flat at night (and she hides him!) and pretends like it's co-op time, they want to sleep together....o h brother what have I gotten into? They can both have the upper flat if they want, but hens and roos together, noooooo.(I want to sleep in mornings)and to think, I just made a chocolate torte that calls for ten eggs

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