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Sep 11, 2010
I came home last night to get eggs, expecting about 18, to fine 0. I know there were a few yesterday already, b/c when I went out to let the chickens out to range and feed/water them, there were about 5 in boxes. I have a guard dog who I don't think can fit in the chicken door, and 2 cats. The chickens were NOT upset, nothing looked amiss at all. There is NO evidence, not a shred. I am certain no humans would take the eggs (the dog, for one, would scare them off, and for two, its just not that well traveled around here). My only guess at this point is maybe a gopher (but all 18 eggs?), or maybe the cats (again all 18?), or almost impossibly, the dog? Any thoughts?
18 eggs seems like a lot! I don't have eggs yet, but a good friend of mine has been doing this for years and says black snakes are in her coops all of the time, that they love the eggs. Also, they don't upset the chickens, but, 18 is a lot!?
I have yet to see a snake in this valley, aside from a tiny little garter snake, and I've lived here my whole life. We just don't have snakes--our temps are too low. And I'm sure they couldn't make off with 18, LOL.
Possum, raccoon, rat, children....

Not kids, they were gone all day. I've also never seen a possum or a 'coon, although I've heard they *can* exist here. Wouldn't those upset the chickens and/or the dog, though? He's very protective.
I kept the chickens locked up in the coop/run today and had eggs tonight when I got home. I am quite puzzled.
Possums are very quiet, don't move in a fast or threatening way, so they don't upset chickens on the roost or even some dogs. They can eat an amazing number of eggs in a night--especially if they have a litter with them. Had some get into my henhouse a couple of years ago--the chickens were not in the least upset, although the broody duck whose nest was destroyed was quite perturbed. She was completely uninjured though--apparently the possum didn't harm her, just rooted her up off the nest. Caught the big nasty sucker in a live trap the next night. Huge. Caught 3 more 'teenage' possums over the next few days.

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