Egg thieves?


9 Years
Sep 19, 2010
Calumet Township-NW Indiana
For some strange reason, most of our hens are laying their eggs outside, near the coop. Yesterday I saw one egg in a newly dug hole near the coop, but I left it there to be gathered later in the day. A little later, I went out there, and the egg was completely gone - no shell fragments or anything.

Our chicken yard is plenty large enough for 7 chickens, but they are never very far from the coop. What would be stealing the eggs while the chickens are so close to them? FWIW, we do have a rooster who doesn't miss much at all. About 2 years ago we had a bull snake in the yard, and I'm wondering if that could be the thief? Egg production is way down - or is it??

Thanks for the post. We've actually had that happen twice before when there were 2 eggs with soft shells. Other than that, I've had no reason to suspect it happened again, but who knows?

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