Egg Turner Advice PLZ!!!


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
I am thinking of buying an egg turner I have in the past used my aunts but can't now cause she is hatching too. I am on day 1 of my incubation If I go buy a egg turner now I have my temp perfect will it raise my temps at all? Need advice!
No it shouldn't raise you temp. I would pay attention to it to make sure but you can always make a minor adjustment with the temp if need be. Its a lost easier to adjust the temp once than to have to turn those eggs several times a day.
Hand turner even more than a few eggs at a time results in large temperature fluctuations. People say that even a hen leaves the egg for moments at a time and returns to hatch eggs naturally; however a 50-75 % is viewed as productive in a fertile flock. I don't know about you, but I would prefer a little better 90% sounds good. The strangest thing with the egg turner is the times where it clicks and doesn't make a clicking noise. I've read that some people have received their turners with bad motors that didn't work. Mine is still turning, noise or no noise. Thankfully. Good Luck

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