egg turning question

Southern Bee Lady

11 Years
Jan 2, 2009
Upstate SC
I need some experienced help. I am thinking of putting my eggs in paper egg cartons (with holes cut out at bottom) and turning the whole carton from side to side (90 degrees). I will also try to use egg cartons with the holes in the top for air circulation. Has anyone tried this.
I have tilted the cartons (45 degrees) for a few days in my hovabator that does not have a turner until my other one with a turner was empty. I have not tried this for the full 18 days.
I was thinking this would be faster than turning eggs individually and would have them in the same orientation as doing each by hand.
Will this work until I can get another egg turner?
Yup, I have done this almost exactly the way you describe it, and it worked fine.
I only used the bottom half of the egg carton though, not the lid.
I was planning to turn the egg carton all the way on its side so the eggs are laying like they would be in a nest. I think the eggs would fall out of the carton without the top.
you dont need to turn them that far.

45* angle is perfect. The turning is only to keep the yolk from sticking to the inside of the shell. So it just takes a little movement to do that.

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