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8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
i have some eggs in the incubator that are due to go into lock down sunday. my question is.. i saw some of the eggs wiggling. should i stop turning them now. the wiggling is the chicks getting into hatch position correct? they are lf polish mostly some banties but it was the large eggs moving. thanks for advice.
If they are already moving, I'd put them in lockdown. They should start hatching soon. How has your temperature been during incubation?
If they are already moving, pips wont be far behind. You don't want them to pip and have the lower humidity. At least raise the humidity as if you were in lockdown. Not turning the last couple days before lockdown is not that bid a deal. Turning is much more important early in the egg development rather than late.
I would probably turn them unless they have started to PIP the shell.

you would,,, really? why do people turn eggs?

Yes, I would. I use the turner in my incubator for 18 days then they go into the hatcher. People turn eggs and stop turning to simulate what hens do when setting and hatching. first incubation. I read somewhere to turn eggs at least 4 times a day throughout the first 10 days, after that down to only twice a day.
Now just recently someone else told me not to worry about the need to turn seeing I just started yesterday, it's more important towards the end of the cycle to keep chicks from sticking to the membrane. Which is correct? More turning at the start of incubation, or the end. How much is BEST.
I know to do nothing after lockdown, which is day 18. Really need answers, don't want to lose first batch. Thanx
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Turning an odd number of times each day, keeps the overnight side changing. Turning is more important at the beginning when parts are developing
Good luck!

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