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    how do i appropriately turn my eggs.... im getting a still air incubator, without the egg turner. if i put them in a tray, can i prop the edge up a bit so i tilt them back and forth a bit, or completely flip them over. also, ive heard that chemicals/oils from hands can kill the embryo.... should rubber gloves be worn? thanks!

    i made my own incubator last year... and i had zero humidity stayed at 50, temp was 101F SO IM WORRIED! the power went out two times for an hour....all eggs had blood rings.... i got the eggs from Meyer hatchery.. this time i am getting some farm fresh eggs!!!
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    farm fresh will do better-
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    If you incubate the eggs upright, place them fat end up at a 45* angle and tilt them 90* in the opposite direction, leaving them again at 45*. If you're incubating them horizontal, mark two opposing sides of the eggs, I usually mark them with an X and an O. Place them with either on top and each time then turn them so the other is on top. This also helps you keep track of which eggs have been turned and which haven't. I turn a minimum 3x per day, but more is better.

    With shipped eggs it's better to incubate them upright, as shipped eggs often have some air cell damage and little bubbles in the egg contents from rough handling during shipping. You can remove them from the cartons and lay them on their sides when you lockdown.

    Wash your hands well before handling the eggs. That will be sufficient precaution. Good luck with your hatch!

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