egg turning


11 Years
Nov 14, 2008
What is the proper method to turn eggs. Are they just angled from side to side or do they need to be turned upside down and sideways. Read one post here where they just rotate a book under the left to right side putting the eggs at an angle. Is this the same thing an automatic turner does.
what ever you do,,, do not turn them end -to-end!! it will scramble the eggs! i turn mine by marking an x and an o on opposite sides of the eggs, lay them down, and when its time to turn, turn from x to o....
When turning X to O remeber to turn back and forth, dont spin them completely around. So first time turn towards yourself, next time turn away from yourself, then towards...etc
We set eggs yesterday, planning on using the automatic egg turner. Surprise, surprise - the egg turner does not work. So do we just kind of prop up one side of the bator or is it ok to take them off the egg turner and just lay them in the bator? Our first attempt with eggs ended in disaster so I'm a little nervous about handling things correctly.
I also do the X an O turning- but never paid any attention to which direction. I'm sure I have also flipped some eggs on occasion too. 2 hatches so far- 100%, 3rd hatch looking good too. I don't have a turner obviously. I start out with the eggs in mushroom cartons with holes in the bottom- until first candeling. After that- all of the eggs go on the screen except any that I am not sure of. It makes it easier to keep track.

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