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Dec 13, 2011
im looking to buy a incubator iv been doin some reading on egg turning how many times a day do you turn eggs iv heard any where from 2 to 5 what the real number
there is no right or wrong number (unless you don't turn them at all.. and there has even been debate over that)
I believe a hen turns the eggs something like 96 times a day... so it doesn't matter if the eggs are turned an odd or even number of times.. heck.. I have turned mine twice all the way up to 24 times a day (auto turner on Brinsea I believe turns once an hour).. never saw a difference in the hatch rates

just set the bator someplace where you will see it to remind yourself to turn them and then don't stress over exactly how many times they are turned
I thing three or four times at a minimum is sufficient. And I read a study once that suggested days 4-7 of incubation are the most critical for turning, so I always turn my eggs about ten times a day through those days then go back to three or four. Seems to work well for my hatches -- usually 80-100% -- and doesn't have me opening the incubator too much. Plus, I can also go out and have a life! Good luck with yours.

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