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Hi to all,
My RIR hens are laying eggs finally but in the last 2wks or so I have had problems. When I hard boil the eggs the white does not get stiff as it should. No matter how long I boil them. When pealing the eggs I end up taking off 50-60-% of the white due to it not being stiff enough to stay in place. Any ideas?
I have no idea, but I am curious too..I have had really super runny egg whites. I like it when they all stay together better..hhmmm..begs for more reseach
Fresh eggs do not peel very well when hard boiled. This is how you know a store egg is fresh. Wait a week or two or more before boiling a fresh laid egg.

Some folks have a "recipe" for boiling eggs too. The green you may see around a yolk is sulfur and harmless btw.

Hope all works out well,

Have you followed the special techniques for hard boiling fresh eggs, so they will peel?

Fresh eggs do not peel easily due to the tiny (if any) airspace. So, this may not have anything to do with the stiffness of the white.

Here is a thread with some discussion.

And, you will find several others if you search for "hard boil fresh eggs".

One of the common suggestions is to age them a little.
You may be having this problem because you are using fresh eggs. When I want hard boiled eggs I take out my oldest dozen (about a week old) then set it in the kitchen for a day. I then put them in a pot of cold water and bring it to a boil. I then take it off the heat, covered, and wait 15 min. Cool with cold water and let dry and store how you want. The age is important when peeling is concerned.

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