Egg white & yolk under perch, but no shell??

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    Nov 13, 2011
    Hi guys,

    Hope someone can help! We've had an awful few days, firstly losing 2 chicks to Cocci at the start of the week (although we seem to have managed to save 3 who were displaying bad signs) and then on moving the chicken coup yesterday to a better area for them, one hen got confused, despite walking her down to the new place, and flew into the area where our dogs are and was killed by them. We think she saw the kids wooden play house and perhaps thought that was her coup :'( I carried the remaining hens and roo to their coup last night, but first thing this morning they've wandered back to their old area. Then on cleaning their poop trays this morning there is egg white and egg yolk but no egg shell. One hen last night did lay an egg on the grit, instead of her nest box, and this had a hole in it, but the egg itself was fine.

    I know it seems like a list of problems there...but my main concern is why is there egg white & yolk where their poop is and no shell? Any advice appreciated!

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    Sometimes, chicknes will lay a shell-less egg. It sounds like that is what happened, and it is probably nothing to worry about.

    Your losses, I'm sorry to hear about, the good thing is that you saved some chicks. In the event you would ever want to train your dogs not to kill chickens, there is a link to a video training that you can purchase on my byc homepage.

    Moving probably did disrupt the sensitive chicken sensibilities, and they will probably all adjust given time. Maybe if it isn't too late, keep them contained in the coop until they know it is their new home....Probably you have everything sorted out by this time...

    good luck with the flock.

    ETA: plenty of oyster shell, or crushed eggshells, and 1Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar per gallon of water, helps them have strong shells....they will eat the oyster shell when they need calcium. I crush egg shells for use by chickens, and the ACV in water helps their system absorb the calcium---
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    Yes - shell-less eggs, jello eggs, and other egg issues happen from time to time, mostly in new layers, but mature layers sometimes too. The egg making organs just develop a glitch from time to time. The stress of moving may have contributed to it, but maybe it would have happened any way. If it continues, Chic suggested, offer oyster shell free choice, or crushed up egg shell to boost calcium.
    Sorry you and your birds have had a hard time of things recently - [​IMG]
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    double post
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