Egg with red yolk and pink white...


6 Years
Apr 27, 2014
I've been selling my chooks eggs to friends lately. My friend just messaged me and said that her mum cracked open an egg from me and found that (in her words) it was completely bloody...

Knowing I have a rooster, my friend was paranoid and made the assumption that it was a half grown chick. I corrected her, saying that, that is impossible because I collect my eggs every day and put them in the fridge straight away.

I've been told that apparently the yolk was totally red, and the white was a pink colour...

Would this just be a really bad blood spot?? Sadly I don't have any photos, I haven't seen the egg myself.

I suspect it was either from one of my young hens who have only recently started laying... or perhaps my 2-3 year old Australorp... I'm really not sure...

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated, because I don't want to sell any more eggs like this... Would I be able to see this in the shell if I was to candle the eggs?


8 Years
Aug 29, 2012
I've had one of those years ago before free range became buy able in a carton of cage eggs so defiantly nothing to do with the rooster. Totally gross though, turned me quite off eggs for the day lol. Had a bloody one but not as bad last week also from our infertile eggs. When it happens it's a reminder to break your eggs in a cup not straight in a pan full of others, as I had to throw the lot in the bin and start again. Just one of those things I think.

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