Egg yolk not fully absorbed and

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9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
Ok, so my chick came out with a bit of yolk not absorbed...then it got bigger. It worried me because it thought it might be pulling it out, but then it ripped it. There was a lot of blood and yolk. I tied the ripped part off with string dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Then I wiped it down with hydrogen peroxide, not sure if thats ok. But he is sooo weak. I gave him some poly vi sol. He won't sit or lay down I think because it hurts. He sits back on his butt with his legs extended out...kinda funny looking but sad. I moved him to a bowl with a damp papertowel so he won't rip it further and he can rest his head on the rim. But he just doesn't look well. What do you guys think I should do? I should have moved him to a bowl right off the bat because it was exposed but it was small and didn't want to risk shrinkwrapping any late hatchers. Ughhh. And its my birthday too.

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