Egg yolk peritonitis? Something else?

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6 Years
Mar 6, 2014
South-Central Pennsylvania
A couple days ago I got an egg that looked like this. I wasn't sure which of my hens laid it.

I have been meaning to post on here asking what might have caused it, but haven't done it yet. Tonight when I went to the coop I noticed my Australorp was sitting in front of the waterer, kind of lethargic, not moving or making a sound, looking sleepy. When she drank water from the nipples, she was doing it in such a way that some of the water was running down her head. She laid in that spot for a long time, until it was time for her to go in the coop to roost. My Easter Egger was also laying beside her, but did get up and move around. I also noticed some odd looking poop in the run....some that looked like it had a LOT of bright red blood, and some that was black as black can be.

Does anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong with my hen? Suggestions? Treatments?

This morning the australorp seemed better but the Easter egger is lethargic. she Was Laying On The Poop Board And Not On The Roost. She did not get down from the roost, so I helped her down. She did go to the water and drink, but I'm not sure she's been eating.

At this point I'm leaning towards coccidiosis since it's more than one bird acting strangely. Any thoughts?!?
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Thank You HiddenFlock. I had DH Run Out Today To Get Some corid. He Was Able To Get Them Started On It Today. Hopefully We Won't Have Any Losses Since We Were Able To Start The Corid less Than 24 Hours After The First Symptoms Were Noticed.
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