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    Hey, BYCers, haven't posted for quite a while, all is great with my 10 ladies. I have several egg-buying customers now and they have no complaints, rave about the eggs. A couple of them have observed that the yolks do not break as easily when they are preparing them, say, over-easy, compared to store-bought. They really appreciate this. All of the eggs I sell are very fresh - no more than 10 days to two weeks old. I free-range my girls, so they have lots of grasses, bugs, berries, etc. I feed them hi-protein feed with snacks of fresh veggies and fruits in the summer, oatmeal with yogurt and rice with veggies in the colder months.

    Has anybody else noticed their egg yolks are, well, stronger, than store-bought?
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    Generally speaking the fresher the egg the stronger the yolk which is why if you break a Grade AA, Grade A, and Grade B egg into different saucers you'll notice a difference in how high the yolks stand up. Feed and hen health may affect this as well, but age and storage conditions have the greatest impact. The fresher the eggs and the better they are stored the prettier the yolks and whites will stand up when you crack them into a pan.
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    My husband, an egg expert (eating them, that is!) says our whites and yolks are much more "sturdy" than store-bought. The yolks are "stronger" and the white doesn't run all around the pan, it stays in a lovely pool just near the yolk.
    I would never have noticed this, had he not pointed it out to me.
    As we have 6 hens, and he eats 3 a day, we may never have any to sell!!!
    But, that's ok.

    Only downside, I find myself a little smug as I walk past the refrigerated egg area of the grocery store. [​IMG]

    Bightest Blessings!
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    Rachel'sFlock :

    Only downside, I find myself a little smug as I walk past the refrigerated egg area of the grocery store. [​IMG]


    Me too!​

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