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First off, I would like to thank the people who post about helping others with sick chickens. Last evening I believe this site and its members saved my dear Wellsummer (Brownies) life.
Her symptoms included this week passing two soft eggs.Today, not making her usual noises, tail down, then laying down, in general not acting like herself, no egg. When my husband picked her up, there was a yellowish discharge that came out of her vent. Brought her indoors, put her in a sink less than half full warm water. Gently massaged her underbelly area. We took her out of the sink and set her on a towel and the following pic shows what she passed. The shell was the consistency of chewed bubble gum. ( Sorry for being so graphic). We held her in front of our fireplace in a towel, dried her with a blow drier. Took her outside and she was back to her normal chicken self, scratching, drinking, pecking. This morning all is well.

My hens are just under a year old, so I am very new to this whole thing. We just added oyster shell to their diet hoping to cure the soft egg issue. I hope this helps someone the way it helped guide my family last night.Many, many thanks!
You might want to give this hen a human calcium pill to help her lay down shell for her next eggs... Not sure how much oyster shell they need to eat for it to be helpful.

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Thanks for helping, I saw your responses last night to others in need. She is in the coop, in a nesting box right now,I want to see how this next egg looks. Thanks again!
She just came out of the nesting box singing the egg song, but no egg to be found. I am going to keep a close eye on her.
I had one two days ago that was egg bound, but I didn't have the energy to deal with her, so I locked her up overnight. When I went to check on her in the morning, she still had not laid the egg, so I gave her 500mg of calcium and 35ml of fluids via a tube. About one hour later she laid her egg, I kid you not....
You didnt have energy for her? if my hen was egg bound i would have stayed up all night and half the morning trying to get it out
If I'm not mistaken this can also be caused by worms. How recently were they wormed?

Hope she feels better soon.
Worming with fenbendazole 50mg/kg is something I do whenever I catch one, for any reason... I also dust them for bugs. So mine has been wormed and dusted.
I just started worming them with Wazine a few days ago, like I said earlier, I'm new to this, and would do anything to keep my hens healthy. Is this worm medicine good?How do I know if they got enough? how often? Is there anything else in maintaining a healthy little flock?
Brownie (my previously eggbound chicken) seems to be doing very well, eating, drinking, squawking, acting like herself...but no egg today.Thanks for the tips!

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