Eggbound? Frozen shell-less egg?

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    This morning I found my chicken with a large yellow lump stuck to her butt. I soaked her in a warm bath and was able to remove most of it, but some is still stuck. I'm not exactly sure what happened or what I should do. I think she may have been laying a shelless egg and it stuck halfway out of her? (It was below freezing last night) she's currently still in the bath. Is there anything else I can do?

    Here are some (rather graphic) pictures:

    What I pulled off:
    What's still stuck:
    If you pull gently it seems attached to her:

    Thanks for any advice

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    That is old yolks that became backed up in her uterus and cooked a bit, with no shell being added. Sometimes during times of stress such as over heating, chilling, molting, predator attacks....anything in their environment that causes them to become too stressed, the shell gland can glitch and not put a shell on. Sometimes these yolks do move through and out the vent, but some of them stick around in the uterus, they back up and then cook due to the temp of the hen. Eventually they become large enough for the system to detect and they are pushed out just as an egg with a shell on would do.

    I have seen this especially in older hens during a molt...their shell glands are shut down due to molting, yolks are still being released, but no shell is being put on, and they lay these things off the roost bar.

    And while is not normal, as long as it doesn't continue to happen, the hen should be fine. Sometimes this can signal the end to this birds laying, especially if the shell gland IS glitching.
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