Eggbound or going Broody....UPDATE.

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Well...I got no answers or ideas from anyone so this morning, we culled Hen#1 as she was not getting any better. Last night, I soaked Hen#2 and this morning she layed this monsterous misshapen egg. No wonder she was in trouble the past couple days. So Hen#2 has hopefully recovered. Only time will tell.

    Now I'm getting worried....two hens...same issue or different? Both are Silver Leghorns about 9 months old. What the heck is going on?!

    Hen #1:
    -Started the waddle walk 4 days ago
    -Not laying
    -Moved her to the warm garage in separate cage.
    -Thought for sure she's eggbound so going through all the hot bath soaks, massage, try to feel egg, etc. Searching BC, she may not be egg bound but ascites. Who knows now! We were ready to cull her yesterday and she must have known because all of a sudden she's moving around tail up so I gave her a couple more day reprieve to see what happens with continued treatment.
    -whatever it is if it doesn't resolve soon we'll have to cull

    Hen #2:
    -3 days ago she had a crusted poopy butt so I bathed her and soaked her to get it off.
    -Tail is still up
    -She's not laying
    -I think I can feel an egg unlike I don't think I can on Hen #1
    -The last 2 days I watched her when free-ranging. She keeps going back to coop to sit in nesting box like she's going to lay. I've had a broody before but she never left box whereas this one goes in then goes back out to range, but sticking close to the coop so she can go back. Almost like she feels she wants to lay an egg.

    Our other 5 hens are perfectly normal. Laying every day consistently. The others are as follows: almost 2 year old BR, 1 yr old GB, 8 mo old EE, and 2 additional Silver LH that are also 9 months as the problem hens.

    My question is...
    Do I do what I'm doing to Hen #1 with Hen #2 because Hen#2 may be eggbound?
    Am I panicking because I have one hen with an issue and seeing things that are not with the other?

    I'd hate to put off treating Hen#2 if she is infact eggbound since I may be able to help her before she gets too bad.

    At this point, I'm starting to question myself!

    Any thoughts or ideas?
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