Eggbound Quail


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Oct 16, 2016
I have a prolapsed quail, and I have been working on her for about two hours now. I soaked her in epsom bath, and tried to massage the egg out. It looks like she has two vents, though, and i'm kind of worried. Any advice?
How is your bird?
Do you feel an egg in there too - or is it just tissue (prolapse)?

I don't know anything about quail, but took a quick peak at the quail looks like you can treat her like you would a chicken.

Soaking in epsom salts is good. Apply a little hemorrhoid cream to help reduce swelling. Offer her some calcium and vitamins.

If she has an egg stuck as well, you can try applying a bit of ky jelly or something similar to see if that helps lubricate.

Having what looks like 2vents, I fear the intestines are prolapsing as well, unfortunately if the intestines are coming out too, you may not be able to save her.

Keep us posted.
I ultimately decided to cull. It seemed like she had gone a day or two with it stuck, and she had three eggs in there (different sizes). I tried for hours, but she was in a lot of pain, so I put her down and ate quail for dinner.

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