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    Apr 3, 2012
    This morning when I went out to the coop one of my red sex links was very "puffy" looking, just standing there and her vent was swollen and nasty looking. I brought her in the house and she sat in a warm bath for about 30 minutes (I know she's not feeling well because she just sat there, I didnt have to hold her and actually walked away a few times). She is now resting alone in the basement. Any suggestions on what else I should or could do for her?
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    I've never had an eggbound bird, but when I used to raise large parrots, I remember learning that the vent area must be kept hot and moist. If she can be put into a small dog cage or something with a wire bottom and then put a pot of steaming water under the cage (not touching it), that'll keep the hot moist steam coming up to keep that vent warm and moist. I know some people can feel the egg and bust it so she can pass it. Vets can also give her a shot to help her pass the egg.
    Hope I was of some help.
    Good luck with her!

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