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    Some weeks ago I bought an older chicken and kept her away from the others for a week. During that time she never layed an egg. I just figured it was due to moving stress. I put her in with my main flock and all was well with the world. Untill I noticed no one was laying eggs. Even my new hens who were very ready to lay eggs were not. I checked my younger pullets and sure enough their vents showed that they were indeed laying eggs. Then one day I caught the beasty eating eggs. She is now away from the others. My older hens have resumed laying but i have yet to see an egg from my younger pullets.( white egg layers in a brown egg flock) I did find them going into the nest and taking everything out. I am guessing they have learned to eat their own eggs after they lay them.[​IMG]

    Now I have placed them (2) in a pen with a roo and one non laying pullet. What the heck do I do with these now.
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    From what I've read on other posts, I don't think anyone's found a cure for egg-eaters...but you might use the BYC search bar up there on the right - or the Search function on the blue BYC menu bar to find out more....

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