Egglaying Age?


5 Years
Jul 15, 2016
My chickens are 5-6 months now and still no eggs. Do the different breeds matter or could they start laying tomarrow/soon? What is the age range of egglaying also?
around 5 months. My understanding though is sometimes in really warm climates they may wait until the fall to lay. the age range is dependent upon breed and type of chicken. Heritage chickens can take up to a year. While a production sex link of mine started laying at 15 weeks.
They may start laying in fall it in the 9 0 ' s here xc the breeds we have are leghorns,cochins,silkies,and orpingtons
Then mine may start laying in fall darn it! 15 weeks is what in months? Sorry! We have leghorns, cochins, silkies, and orpingtons
3 months through 6 months most chickens should start laying ahwyhere in that time.What are you feeding them?

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