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  1. huntermett

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    Apr 6, 2009
    ok troops its been awhile since i've wrote anything so here goes . all my hens with the exception of a hen that went broody and raised 4 cuties and 1 young buff frizzle hen have stopped laying . the broody hen is still with the babies and the frizzle hen is with a white frizz roo.
    the others are a mixed bunch of girls 4 sl wyndottes 2 gl wyndottes 3 amercaunas 3 barred rocks and 2 cinnamon queens , oh and one california white . the cali white, 3 barred ,2cinn ,and 3 wyndottes are early summer late spring hatch . oh by the way the frizz hen is same hatch as others listed. nobody is sick its not too cold yet, and on real cool nights ive put a heat lamp out . still the same . proper feed fresh water is given daily . im puzzled . can anybody help ?[​IMG]
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    Oct 2, 2007
    Lincoln, Illinois
    same here, and 2 neighbors also, I think its the wacky weather! We put a light in the chicken house with a timer to give them more daylight by a few hours, and today got 8 eggs, out of about 25 hens, so better than none!!!! or 1!
    also DH was giving them a lot of corn, along with the layer mash, so I went and got some scratch grain that we used to give them for treats, instead of straight corn. they still get most of their nutrition from the layer mash.
    I thought about hanging some nice curtians in there for them, or maybe some chicken wallpaper I got.... to cheer them up!!!

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