EGGS ARE HERE! Now I have another question...Please help!


9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
Laurel Montana
So my eggs came I was really pleasently suprised on how quickly they came in the mail shipped monday and I got them TODAY!

So I know about letting the eggs rest before putting them in the bator.

So my question is my other set of eggs and egg turner aren't being shipped until Monday so...question is do I do a staggared hatch or wait and put them all in at the same time. If so how do I go about storing the eggs I already received.

I was thinking of putting the eggs I received in manually turning until my turner came adding them. Adding the new eggs when they come and then when the others go into lock down the others will still be automatically still be turned and by the time they are in lock down others should be hatched
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I would do what you were saying about manually turning these...4 days shipping is actually a really long time...I have only ever received and sent eggs priority mail which takes only 2 days, which is hard enough on them...
So I should do the staggared hatch then? And put the eggs I received in the bator and manually turn until others come and I can put the egg turner in?
Yes, you should put them in and manually turn them...IF you have something else you can use for a hatcher...OR decide which set of eggs is more important to you, and do what will be best for that set...either way will be potentially detrimental to one or the other if you don't have a seperate hatcher...

Good luck!

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