Eggs Arrived !

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  1. Luvmychicks sent me 6 eggs to do a test hatch on, 3 green ones and 3 blue ones. They were very nicely packed and arrived in great shape ! I picked them up at the post office this morning. They are settling in on the kitchen counter. First thing in the morning, I will put them in the incubator with the 2 brown eggs from my Barred Rock hen that are already in there.

    I am hoping for a rooster from one of the blue eggs. A couple of hens would be nice too, but am not counting my chickens before they hatch.
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    Goob luck.
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    Mar 10, 2009
    Hi Mom! Good luck...have they moved yet??[​IMG][​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]

    I haven't put the brown ones we put in the incubator in water yet [​IMG] But, we candled them (shined a light through them) and we see baby peeps in there.

    The green and blue ones from Luvmychicks I have not candled yet. I have 7 more from my hens. [​IMG]

    Poor Mike, he says, what the "heck" are you going to do with all these chickens ??? [​IMG]

    I have more wire to make more cages. [​IMG]

    We caught the [​IMG] Lindzie has him as a pet now [​IMG]

    Lindzie + [​IMG] = [​IMG]

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    Mar 10, 2009

    How did you catch the [​IMG]? And how does he like being a pet?

    The weather is wonderful here!!! [​IMG]:weee

    Gonna get my coop made!
  6. You know he was living under the house . . . . So J went into the basement and Lindzie and I herded him under the porch. Yelled at him a few times, he ran in the hole and J grabbed him. [​IMG] Lindzie yells, "Did he get the rabbit?" I said, "Probably, since he didn't yell poop I missed." And out comes J carrying the rabbit ! [​IMG] He is tame as can be. Lindzie carried him all around while we cleaned the old chicken pen !

    This is Lindzie's Mom - - - [​IMG] "Now you have a lizard AND a rabbit !!!!????"

    [​IMG] chicks coming [​IMG]

    Proud [​IMG] and [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Love ya !

    Mom & four legged & 2 legged gang (oh and Star)

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